Traditionally, the only solution for crooked teeth has been metal braces. An incredibly effective treatment, metal braces are also very visible. At Eastside Orthodontics, we offer a more discreet alternative with clear braces.

Clear braces are efficient, combining the best of both traditional metal braces and clear aligners. This treatment option with less responsibility than clear aligners, but more discreet than traditional braces. The ceramic material we use is also extremely durable, but softer than traditional metal. Clear braces are a great option to get the straighter smile you want with a less noticeable look during the in-between treatment period as they're designed to blend in with your teeth. This treatment is good for those who want the aesthetic appeal of subtle orthodontics.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are an alternative type of braces. Like metal braces, clear braces also correct the alignment of your teeth using brackets and wires. Unlike traditional treatment, however, the brackets for clear braces are made from porcelain or clear material. With this treatment, the wire is often metal, although it can be made from a white material as well. Clear braces provide you with a much more discreet orthodontic treatment.

Clear braces work just like metal braces. The brackets are affixed to the front surfaces of your teeth using special dental cement. The wire is then attached to the brackets with clear elastic ligatures. The wire is responsible for the movement and stabilization of your teeth. It puts pressure on your teeth, which then puts pressure on your periodontal ligaments. This causes the ligaments to widen, loosening your teeth so that they can be moved. Once your teeth have reached optimal alignment, the wires, then help to hold your teeth stable while your periodontal ligaments and jawbone heal around them.

Are Clear Braces Right for Me?

With clear or ceramic brackets, clear braces are a much more discreet treatment for correcting your tooth alignment. However, they are not right for everyone. Brackets with this treatment are not as strong as metal ones. They can chip or break under too much pressure. If this happens, the affected brackets will need to be replaced. Clear ligatures can also become discolored if you do not take proper care of your teeth. If this should happen, your braces become more obvious. Before your orthodontic treatment, a thorough examination is required. With this exam, we can determine the orthodontic issues affecting your mouth and what the best course of treatment will be. We will also be able to determine if you are a candidate for clear braces.

With clear braces, we can correct the alignment of your teeth in a much more discreet manner.

Taking Care of Clear Braces

Today’s clear braces are designed to resist stains, but it’s still important for patients to care for them properly. While the brackets will not stain, the small and porous rubber bands used for braces can stain. This is especially true if you drink a lot of stain-causing beverages. With that being said, we change the rubber bands every time you come in for an adjustment, so you’ll always have new bands in about a month’s time.

Ideally, you should brush and floss twice a day and rinse frequently throughout the day, especially after meals. Clear brackets are slightly larger than traditional brackets, so it’s even more important to do this to prevent food from getting under your wires and leading to cavities or decay. You may need to use special flossers to make flossing with braces easier.

If our orthodontists determine that this clear orthodontic solution is best for you or a family member, we will provide you with specific care instructions for your braces. This can include best cleaning practices, specific foods to avoid during treatment, and more.

Find out if clear braces are right for you